Welcome Curious Creatrix.

You are here because you want to wholeheartedly embrace what it means to be “creative” for you, not anybody else, but for some reason you often deny yourself the time and/or space to freely unleash this into the world.

I call this “The Creatrix Complex”.

A complex can be described as any aspect of yourself that you feel embarrassed about or hesitant to reveal to others. This shows up for many women as a reluctance to accept their creative gifts as anything of worth, shuffling their feet, looking at the ground and playing it down as “nothing special”. You always put your need and desire to create last even though can then make you feel somehow “less than” or disregarded, or even anxious or depressed.

If this resonates with you then I aim to reveal why this is so and help you to overturn this programming and step up to claim your power and the right to express yourself in your own way, in your own time.

Once you understand what is going on you can use it to work out the best way for you to implement changes to bring about a more fulfilling life and become a beacon of light for other creatixes

If this sounds like you then this is the place you’ve been looking for!

So, what or who is a creatrix?

‘Creatrix” is the feminine of “creator” and although creativity in its purest form is a feminine energy, (yin) we all posses it. So, while women obviously excel at it I do not exclude those who may define themselves as blokes. I use it to describe anyone who has tapped into that well of creative power to pull it forth into expression. However, on its own it can be a wild and reckless thing so we need to add in some masculine energy (yang) to ground and balance it, to keep it evolving.

If all that sounds a bit too ‘touchy feelly’ for you, don’t worry. Let me put it like this – creativity (or making things with your hands) is linked to a particular part of the brain. Think of it as a muscle (because it is) and we all know what happens to a muscle that doesn’t get exercised; it  shrinks. Not good. So we need to give it a work out now and then; build it up just as you would for your other muscles in the gym.

Wait, there’s more… this same muscle that is involved with using your hands to create something; a piece of art, a model, a meal, a garden is also responsible for imagination, intuition and problem solving. I’ll leave it right there for you to figure out for yourself how that can improve every aspect of your life and work.

I am passionate about my creativity and this takes may forms, each one equally valuable to me. It’s what keeps me whole, grounded and happy but it hasn’t always been easy.

I’ve run the gamut of the historical and societal downplay of creativity and “craft” as something somehow “less worthy” or self-indulgent. I have researched extensively and analysed where this Creatrix Complex mindset comes from whereby those who create are somehow embarrassed by it or loathe to show it to the world for fear of criticism or censure.

I’m on a mission to raise awareness of this condition so that together we can debunk it and bring the beauty and benefits of creativity to the world as a healing tool for all to enjoy.