Working with me for private sessions usually takes place online via a platform called zoom.


Before we start there are some forms to complete that will give me some background on your situation and also give me your permission to record the session for reference, assessment and future planning of your progression. There are also certain criteria for you to complete at your end to ensure a safe and secure environment in which to work. I will send you all relevant information on this beforehand.








I will also make sure you have access to the 5 steps before we begin so you can familiarise yourself with the process. There is no pressure to engage with this but it will save time and maximise your potential for transformation if you do.
Once these are in place we will book a suitable time for your session.
As a new client you have the option of booking one of the following as a starter.


DISCOVERY PROGRAMME – A series of three 90 minute sessions at regular intervals with guidelines for work to do yourself at home in between. These can be either two weeks apart or a month apart.
 This opportunity to invest in your happiness starts at GBP 350 for the programme, payable in advance.
During these sessions we explore the foundations of your energy system and work on one or two major issues that are holding you back. During the programme I introduce you to the concept of using EAM on yourself after the programme.
 Once you are an established client you can always book additional single 90 minute sessions going forward if you find there is anything you need help with that you can’t shift on your own. Single sessions are GBP 130
QUANTUM PROGRAMME – This is the opportunity to work with me for a full or half day.
During this time we dive deep into your energy and get to grips with issues that may have been troubling you for a long time or are having a profound impact on your life.
These sessions are very intense but bring about the greatest shifts in the shortest time. It is recommended that you take some time after these sessions to recalibrate and heal and avoid throwing yourself headlong back into your routine. Again, you will be given “homework” and receive follow up contact to assess your need for further help.


 Full days are from 9-6 with a breaks as required. This opportunity to create transformations is GBP 1,000

Half days are a 4 hour session within one day at a time to suit you. This investment in yourself is GBP 500.

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