Moving Earth is the tale of how two people upped sticks and relocated 250 miles from home.
How did we end up moving away from our lives, our friends and even our family?
There is no one simple answer to this question. 
Everyone thought we were bonkers.
But it just felt right.
Sure, it was a big shift and carried no guarantees but between us, my husband and I, we just knew.
We had spoken at length about putting the house on the market with the intention of downsizing so it was already a thing that had some momentum to it. I suppose I have my BFF to blame for it, she decided to get married again and invited us to share her nuptials up in Saltburn-by-the -Sea, North Yorkshire.
This involved booking an airbnb in Yorkshire for the week and making a holiday of it. We have an MX5 and mainly do touring holidays, usually mainland Europe which is a very easy thing to achieve when you live in the South East of England so Yorkshire was a bit of a departure for us.
However, as was usually the case with me in the summer months I was kind of busy and so just put Yorkshire in the search and booked it, not realising that the accommodation was just about as far West as you could be in Yorkshire while the wedding was just about as far East as you could be. Hey, ho, there you go!
So, while we spent a week driving from one end of the largest (and most beautiful) county in England my husband fell in love with it and waxed lyrical for months afterwards. I think it was about day 3 when he suggested we move there. I wouldn’t say it was a fait accompli as we both had some things to sort out. For me it would mean leaving my eldest daughter and granddaughters behind, not to mention the closing of my businesses, for him it was about moving his job.
However, once we decided to take the plunge we spent every holiday going up there and doing our research. His job was easy, easier than we expected; his firm just said “yes” and that was it. For me it was harder. I had spent years building up both a wedding dress design and alterations business and a “Sewing School” of one off workshops and weekly classes. This was my income and, frankly, the teaching was just about the only thing keeping me sane and giving me a reason to get up in the mornings. The connections I had with my students was priceless and something I was not giving up lightly. 
However there comes a time when you have to look at the bigger picture; my husband was 64 and didn’t want to work forever yet wanted to buy something outright and make it perfect for us. I was beginning to understand that what really got me excited was being creative in my own right and I was spending too much time helping other people to do it and neglecting my own art practice. 
Frankly it ticked all the boxes including the one that said “less potholes and cheaper beer”.
When it came down to it we chose a neglected little 1930s semi and decided to pour some love and TLC into it and make it our own.
Here’s the “before” pictures that we took when we came to view it in the summer. We had only 5 days to drive here, view all the properties we could and select 1 from the list, put an offer in and get it accepted but we did it. 

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