Sass Tetzlaff BA MSDC 

Who am I?

I am many things to many people but at the core of me is the desire to create beautiful things and enjoy a rich and fulfilling life.

Part of this is enabling others to create their own version of beauty in their lives, achieve their goals, to make changes and improvements that bring about a transformation on every level of their life including improved mindset, emotional, mental and physical health, income, relationships, lifestyle and inner self. If you think that’s a lot, let me reassure you, they are all connected and interdependent. Working on one area affects the others.

I use a modality known as EAM or the Energy Alignment Method to look deep in to your subconscious to access things you probably aren’t even aware are the root cause, locate what is holding you back and release it. Then we create new neural pathways to ignite new ways of thinking resulting in new behaviours and feelings.


machine embroidered pin up girl by Sass Tetzlaff

I practice what I preach.

In addition to regularly using EAM on myself, and being at the receiving end of 121 sessions with other mentors to keep me on track, I score off the charts on the “Having Fun and Living Life to the Fullometer”

I am also a textile artist and member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen, the oldest multi-disciplinary society in the UK.

For my personal and exhibition pieces I often draw (sometimes literally) on my experience as a wedding dress designer/maker for over 30 years. Combining excellent sewing skills with my passion for art and story telling has resulted in an award winning creative textile art practice with pieces in private collections all over the globe.


So, what gives me the temerity to think I can help you?

Well, I’ve been down some really tough roads and inhabited some very dark places on the way. 

I was a teenage runaway, learned things the hard way, fell down got back up and carried on. Made a great life for myself only to nearly lose it all by thinking the only way to end my pain was to end my life. 

I had a massive breakdown from which I clawed and fought my way back to the top. I faced my demons head on and won. I overturned the confusion and doubt, looked at the ugly truth, owned it and transformed it. Then I created a vision of what I felt I deserved and refused to compromise.

I dug deep and roared my pain before releasing it along with my past. I forgave myself for giving away my power to someone who, let’s face it, did not have my best interests at heart and reclaimed my birthright of a loving, beautiful, abundant and fulfilled life on my terms. 

If this sounds like something you would like to achieve too, get in touch.


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