Who am I?

Is this not the eternal question?

I am many things to many people but at the core of me is the desire to always be true to myself and enjoy a rich and fulfilling life.

I am known as The True You Coach and I could not honestly claim to be this unless I had done (and continue to do) the work on myself already, peeling away and discarding the layers of conformity, people pleasing, social pressures, performance criteria; you name it – if it does not serve my highest self I no longer have a place for it. 

Part of my embodying of “The True You” is enabling others to create their own version of this in their lives, whatever shape that might be. It’s not enough for me to be true if I’m the only one doing it! I’m on a mission to get more women in the driving seat of their lives.

I guide and help them achieve their goals, find themselves, to make changes and improvements that bring about a transformation on every level of their life including improved mindset, emotional, mental and physical health, income, relationships, lifestyle and inner self. If you think that’s a lot, let me reassure you, they are all connected and interdependent. Working on one area affects the others.

I use a modality known as EAM or the Energy Alignment Method to look deep in to your subconscious to access things you probably aren’t even aware are the root cause, locate what is holding you back and release it. Then we create new neural pathways to ignite new ways of thinking resulting in new behaviours and feelings.

So I guess the real question is…

Who are you?


I practice what I preach.

I use energy work on myself regularly to navigate life’s ebbs and flows. Doing this keeps me connected, grounded and effective. This is especially important in my line of work! I like to be clear and prepared so I can be ready to hold and guide my clients in a safe and loving space during our sessions.

I am also a textile artist and member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen, the oldest multi-disciplinary society in the UK. This is how I express my inner self – the True Me! I encourage all my clients to explore what things in life would support and enhance the fullest version of themsleves if that was fully expressed, experiencing all that life has to offer.

As a qualified Energy Alignment Method (EAM) mentor and entrepreneur of over 30 years, I use my skills to help you bring about emotional and energetic shifts together with practical solutions so you can create your life on your terms.

I began in business myself when my children were born so I could be there for them. I pre-date social media, (I think I might even pre-date internet!) I’ve run several businesses at once to create a life that worked for me, I even began a manufacturing business when I couldn’t find a product I needed. In that time I also got myself a degree and a teaching qualification and trained in a revolutionary modality so I could help myself overcome some personal issues that were impacting on other areas of my life. 

I’ve seen trends come and go but have realised one thing above all, and that is that women succeed better, faster, bigger, brighter together and with support. This is why my mission is now to help other women succeed in being the creators and architects of their life, on their terms. If you’d like to join a dedicated group on facebook that helps women do just this then click here.

My focus is on shifting you from anxiety, fear and worry to fun, freedom and adventure; whatever shape that is for you. Think of it as therapy without the clinical model; it goes deeper and clears it – no need to relive or carry it around with you anymore.

Why not connect with me through social media and learn more, join in the conversation and meet other like minded folks.



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