Happiness – no compromise.
Why are we here?
Why do we work?
Why do we make friends?
It’s simple, the answer to everything is in order to be happy.
We want more cash, cars, holidays… why?
Because of how they make us feel.
I don’t know about you but I’m not inclined to deliberately do anything that makes me (or anybody else) feel miserable. I do things to make me feel happier than I do now. It’s why any of us do anything. It’s not about the car or the house; it’s about how those things make us feel. And if you have those things, ticking them off your list, but you’re still not happy, ask yourself, why?
I was unhappy for a long time even with the house and the car and the holidays. It took me a long time to realise that I had given away my power over how I felt to somebody else. I was governed by their opinion of me (which was very low) and bought in to their nightmare of blame and shame.
It took a lot of hard work, research and time for me to realise what was going on and make a decision to turn things around.
Sass Tetzlaff BA MSDC Textile artist
I took back what was mine – the ability, the choice, the decision to be happy, just BE happy.
That was all it took to get me on the path, that decision.
I chose to be happy, in that moment. Then I chose two moments together and before long I had strung enough moments together to feel fantastic, just about all the time.
Ok, life throws me a bag of rubble now and then instead of diamonds but I choose to either look the other way or learn the lesson/message within the event and move on.
You see, you spend your life becoming your feelings so choose what you want to be.
If you say often enough “I feel angry” before long it turns in to “I am angry”. “I feel sad” turns in to “I am sad”
If you say “I feel happy” before long it turns in to “I am happy”. “I feel awesome” becomes “I am awesome”
I know which one I’d rather be and it has absolutely nothing to do with my house, my car or my next holiday.
It has a lot to do with my friends, however, but in the same way I choose not to compromise on how I feel I also choose not to compromise on who I spend my time with.
If somebody in my life does not believe in me, support me and, frankly, want to be as giddy as I am then I simply don’t have time for them.
I’m not being mean, I’m being happy, uncompromisingly happy. Part of that is to surround myself with people who get where I’m coming from, understand my faults and quirks and love me anyway.
It works both ways; my best mates (and husband) have all sorts of faults and quirks but it’s OK, I love them, I support them and that unconditional love is part of what makes us all happy.
Chris and I at my Dad's wedding
You’ve heard of the expression “misery loves company”. It’s true, like attracts like so I prefer to think of “happiness loves a party”. As soon as I decided to be happy it had a kind of contagious effect on those around me, most of them, anyway. And those who didn’t want to join the party just naturally gravitated away to the miserable corner. What’s weird, though, is that as soon as anybody makes the decision to be happy, they naturally float on over to the happy party.
Try it.
Make yourself a promise not to compromise on your happiness. At the end of the day, the way you feel about things is all you really have in life; cars and houses or no. The choice is yours.

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