Welcome to my gallery offerings which I have dissected into work by me and work by my lovely talented students.

I hope you find inspiration in both.

Click on the buttons below the images to see some examples of both my work and that done by my students on a wide variety of courses, classes and workshops over the last 18 years.Many people have learned with me and gone on to lead perfectly normal lives.


While my personal specialism leans towards machine embroidery, my passion covers a very broad spectrum of just about anything and everything to do with textiles which I hope is reflected in my teaching.

My approach to both doing and teaching is one of experimentation, exploration and expression, which roughly translates to “If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right!”

I believe absolutely that every single person on every single planet was born to be creative. We all do it as kids and then stop, usually because we learn to compare ourselves to (and pay attention to the opinions of) others. It’s my conviction that creativity should be for the sheer joy of how we feelĀ  when we are making and doing as opposed to what some one else will think of it once it’s finished.

Just do it for the sake of feeling good while you do it.

I absolutely love what I do and most of the time, when I’m making anything I’m just thinking about ways I can encourage other people to do it so they can enjoy it, too.

So, if you’re interested in learning with me or commissioning a piece for yourself or a loved one, let’s chat.