Throughout my  life I keep coming back to my art. I’ve had many jobs, businesses, adventures and yet, at my core is my artistic expression. Without the ability to tap into my creative side (which we all have) I would not have come to know myself as fully as I do. Being creative is so fundamental to our wellbeing yet it is completely overlooked in the relentless push for perfection, comparison and achievement. By honouring and cherishing my creativity I honour and cherish myself, body, mind and spirit. Through this I am able to make better decisions, have greater intuition and imagination that brings benefits across all aspects of my life; work, relationships, health, you name it. 

Welcome to the gallery of my work and commsissions.

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Portraits from my “Goddess” series celebrating women all over the world; their strength, power, achievements and vulnerabilities.
For centuries, images of women have been by men, for men to look at. Women have been the object as opposed to the subject.
My Goddess portraits are for women to encourage, enlighten, empower and uplift them; to remind them how utterly amazing they are.
This wonderful triptych was so much fun to do! It’s called “Domestic Bliss” and blatantly misappropriates genuine 1950’s imagery of the woman as some helpless female and flips the context to reveal that, in fact, she has all the power and is doing things her way, for herself and without compromise.
This triptych responds to the brief “Lines of Communication” and was produced to reflect the hard work and dedication of pioneer women. They often had to leave their families, friends and all they held dear to traverse a continent with no guarantees of safety, no health provision, no “Amazon next day delivery”, no “ASOS”, no corner shop for a few necessities, no postal service or telephone.
Many of them never saw their families or loved ones ever again.
The clothes are made from paper sewing patterns to remind us that these women not only made all their own clothes and those for the whole family but they had to grow the plant from which the fibre came, spin it and weave it before cutting it out and hand sewing it together. I take my hat off to them.
In my work as a couturier I make patterns for all the bespoke clothes I make and add “lines of communication” to indicate how to construct the garment.
This series of images is called “It’s not easy being PC”.
In this instance PC is Prince Charming!
I wondered how traditional fairy tale characters would fair in today’s society. The prince is on the dole, the wicked witch can’t give a way her rotten apples to someone with fructose intolerance and Red Riding Hood has binge-watched an entire series of “The Dog Whisperer”

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