I’m going to be watching The Duchess on Netflix (From the 11th September 2020 UK).
Several reasons; the first being I have a Netflix subscription and am always looking for something to entertain me that doesn’t have guns, loud noises, an emphasis on the internal combustion engine, extreme peril or an evil character as the lead.
But what caught my eye about this one was an article I read by chance over someone else’s shoulder by Tori Crowther on MSN.
In it she says “there’s one surprising element that is also central to the storytelling, and that’s the styling. While the focus is predominantly on the fashion, Katherine’s hair and makeup (think: embellished headbands and statement red lips)are also used to help portray Katherine’s vision of being a single mum and modern parent in 2020 who is making her own rules.”
Of course, my penchant for wearing tiaras (aka my hand made “embellished headbands”) in all situations gave me a positive bias. I was so glad to see someone making a stand for ” women dressing with intention and powerfully and women dressing for other women. I think it was integral for this character to leave the house completely put together and authentic to her own artistry every day,”
I’m so fed up with the lack of imagination I see walking down the high street of the nation. Ok, we are in a recession and money may be tight. Ok, lockdown has allowed us to be at one with our pjs and lord only knows why skin tight leggings with contrasting knickers are considered appealing but that is no excuse.
The clothes you wear and how you put it together are a perfect avenue for self expression; a way to stand out from the crowd and move away from the herd.
And how do you embrace your inner duchess and get on board?
Well, you commission me to make you one of my amazing, unique embellished headbands, of course. (or come to my workshop on the 19th and learn how to make your own.)
Choices, life’s all about choices.

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