Sass Tetzlaff

Artist and Creatrix

EAM Mentor

Life Coach

Together we can create…


a better world for everyone.


By improving your life, health, income, relationships and inner self you help to elevate the rest of the world along with you.
Wanting to live a better life and going all out to create it is not selfish; it’s the biggest act of global kindness you can commit.
Saving the world starts with you.
Are you ready?
I am a qualified Energy Alignment Method (EAM) mentor and entrepreneur of over 30 years.  I use my EAM and life skills to help you bring about emotional and energetic shifts together with practical solutions so you can create your life on your terms.
My focus is on shifting you from anxiety, fear and worry to fun, freedom and adventure; whatever shape that is for you. Think of it as therapy without the clinical model; it goes deeper and clears it – no need to relive or carry it around with you anymore.
Merely identifying the trauma, challenge or resistances in your life is not enough. You must transform it on an energetic level to be truly free from it and I would love to help you achieve this



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