Sass Tetzlaff

“The True You Coach”

For Life, Love, Work and Play.


While I am genuinely thrilled you are here I’d like to suggest that you pause and ask yourself – why?

What brought you here?

Are you just aimlessly scrolling through websites or are you actively looking for answers?

Are you aware of a searching going on inside you? It may be a niggle or a whisper but it won’t go away?

Are you ready for change but unsure of the next steps?

Do you experience a sense of disconnection? Almost as though you are living someone else’s life instead of the one you know you deserve?

Do you feel as though you are stuck and no matter what you do nothing seems to change, except maybe you feel a bit worse and worse as the weeks go by?

It’s ok, I’ve got you.

I am committed to you… and helping you find the True You so you can become enlightened and empowered, able to navigate life on your terms.

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Are you ready for change, willing to do the work and say “Yes!” to living life limitless and free?

Why work with me?

My mission is to support aspirational, enthusiastic, professional women and help them navigate their path to success on their terms.

I know that in order for this world to grow in a way that brings peace, love and freedom for all we need more women in positions of business, leadership, service and education – making decisions, handling finances, organising events, creating beauty and change as second nature without waiting for permission from men or policy makers. 

I am known as the True You Coach because no matter who, how, what or where you are it all begins and ends with YOU! Once you figure this out everything else falls into place; and I mean EVERYTHING.

“True You” coaching and therapy applies to all areas of life/love/work/play and is a journey of self- discovery and transformation.

I use a combination of conventional coaching tools coupled with a blend of alternative therapy modalities such as EFT -Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping  and the Energy Alignment Method. (Learn more about my methods here)

I am also a channel for my ancient female ancestors, bringing their wisdom and knowldege to the mix where relevant.

Working with me is not just therapy or counselling, it’s more than that. Together we can look at every area of your life because being out of whack in one will sooner or later impact the others.
My blend of counselling and energy alignment goes beyond treating the symptoms to rooting out the underlying cause and releasing that in a safe, nonjudgemental space.

You get to experience more…
* Living authentically -Your sense of who you are and what you want out of life.
* Greater autonomy – Trusting your inner voice and intuition and acting in your own best interests.
* Increased sovereignty – not relying on other people to make the decisions that affect your life day to day or bigger picture.
* Emotional freedom – knowing and feeling that your own happiness comes from within and not from outside sources.
* Clear decision making about what matters to you – life, work, love…no more second guessing
* No more limits or glass ceilings in what you do – the ability to reach for what you want with confidence.
* Improved self care and knowing what that means to you, nobody else.
* Inner peace – being able to navigate life’s ebbs and flows in a calm and measured way, being effective as opposed to at the mercy of life’s challenges.
* Knowing what your next steps are and how you will take them.

In short, you become empowered, not as a new person but as the person you were meant to be before life got a hold of you and plastered a pile of pressures to conform and external blueprints on top of you.
You are no longer defined by what happened to you, how, where or why in the past but are defined by what your potential is and the possibilities for the future. This applies to relationships, too. How you show up in one area is how you show up in all of them.

Once we find out who that truly is we strip away all the rubbish that is laid on top and then build a new outlook, habits, and beliefs that support that person – the one you were always meant to be. This then ripples out across your life, relationships, work and play.

There really is no need to go through this alone.


Finding your way to a new truth in a supported space is crucial for effective change.


Be guided and held in a safe, supportive way, without judgment, while you go deep to release old, outdated patterns, beliefs and behaviours that are particular to you, built from your life experiences, nobody elses. Working with me is all about You – The True You. 


And I tell you this, the True You is not here to feel low, confused, in pain, anxious, depressed nor to struggle with relationships. 


The True you is here to feel joy, purpose, happiness, love, freedom and to share it with those around you.


Working with me helps you deal with

  • Relationship issues and dynamics both at home and at work.
  • anxiety and depression,
  • low self esteem and low confidence
  • self sabotage – where you always end up back where you were!
  • childhood trauma
  • narcissistic and family abuse
  • addictions and self destructive behaviours.
  • career development and purpose
  • relationships
  • connection to self
  • PTSD and panic attacks
  • any feelings of a low, debilitating nature that are holding you back in life.


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