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Welcome to my world; one where fabric and stitch collide to bring you opulence from waste. My output (I can’t, in all honesty, call it “work”!) aims to use pre-loved or overstock textiles, yarns, trims and broken bits of jewellery in new and imaginative ways to tell stories and celebrate my passion for life.
My focus is on machine and hand embroidery combined with fabric manipulation, painting, dyeing and construction techniques. I work to commission so get in touch to discuss how I can create something unique for you.
I’m a qualified tutor so why not book me to deliver a workshop at your venue or mine?

I’d love to hear from you to explore how I can make something for you in my style or discuss booking me to create a workshop for you. 

I’m also happy to deliver talks and interviews for interest groups.

It’s also a good way to get your questions answered about any aspect of my techniques or courses.

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Musings, Thoughts and Processes

Entente Cordiale

From time to time I entertain fashion graduates from France as interns in my studio. They come for a period of 3 months and have even been known to return for more! I welcome this opportunity as it is always good to get a younger perspective on things. I also enjoy...

Connect with your Inner Duchess

I'm going to be watching The Duchess on Netflix (From the 11th September 2020 UK). Why? Several reasons; the first being I have a Netflix subscription and am...

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